Monday, February 1, 2016

Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon 2016

*blows off dust*

First entry of 2016!

So I picked up an actual pen-and-paper journal for my training at the beginning of the year which has taken precedence over me updating this blog. (It seems that I need multiple outlets for all the thoughts that go on inside my head. Go figure.) Blogging is inherently a little narcissistic since one publishes a blog with the assumption that others care to read about your thoughts. I guess I've always treated blogs like a journal in that I don't really care if anyone reads or not? Although I've realized lately that there's something nice about keeping particular things private. I'm just as guilty of being on social media too much as the next person, but this year I've made the conscious decision to step back and keep some things just for me.

For one, I deleted all my friends on Strava and went totally private. Nothing against anyone on there (I actually really liked my Strava friends), I'm just a little bit tired of everything we do needing to have a social aspect to it. Whether it's "checking in" everywhere we go, posting a photo of our lunch, or logging what beers we drink- I decided my training log is for me and only me. No headpats or kudos needed, just a straight up log of my workouts is all I want.

Second was the pen/paper journal. It's been kind of cathartic to write what I'm thinking about training without the filter of thinking someone else might stumble upon it and read it.

With all that said, I'm not abandoning my training blog. Some things I'll still put out into the universe. Like this:

Also I have pink hair now.

The more I think about this race the more excited I get about it. Although not a PR, it's my second fastest half marathon (by far) and the fastest I've ever run this early in the year. January is always tough, coming off a lazy holiday season I always feel like I have high hopes for the Icebreaker since it's indoors, but I never feel like my fitness is totally there yet.

My "A" goal was obviously to run a personal best, although over the past month I knew my workout times were putting me at something a little short of that. What I'm most proud about with this race is how I recognized early on what my limit was going to be and I locked into a pace that felt good (although still challenging) instead of trying to force it too much. Normally I tend to try and push past my limit and fizzle out at the end, but this time I was actually able to run a truly "smart" race and finish strong. And with a 1:43:57! If this is how I start out my year, then things are looking really, really good.

Strategy: Keep up with Mary. Photo 2: Dammit why is Mary so fast?