Thursday, December 4, 2014

Schaumburg Half Marathon Recap-a-Roo

Hey! Not a bad way to finish the season! Especially after the double marathon drama.  My hope was to beat my time from last year (1:45:01) and it almost literally slipped away from all the icy patches on the course but I pulled it out by one single second with a finish line sprint. (Official time was 1:45 on the nose.) I wish I would have run the tangents better and dipped into the 1:44s but Safety First. Had one big slip but I didn't faceplant so I'm celebrating my one-second victory. *shimmy* This race is a Thanksgiving weekend tradition for me and it didn't disappoint.

Yes I stole this photo. I buy a lot of photos. Not this one. Sorry.

Taking a closer look at my Garmin it looks like I ran the last mile fastest and peaked down the stretch at a 6:08 pace during my finish line sprint. HEYYY. I have to think this bodes well for me taking a stab at a sub-1:40 in the half marathon next year! I'm signed up for the Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon and although running on a flat track in a climate-controlled environment might be considered an unfair advantage.... I really don't care. Running in circles that many times takes a level of mental fortitude that I seem to have tapped into so I'm going for it there. Hopefully that will be my launch pad from which I will spring to a BQ at Wisconsin Marathon on May 3rd!

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. This is not a post about 2015 goals. I will say this though: If I do finally get my BQ in May then I hope to have a triumphant return to trails and ultrarunning over the summer and boy do I have some goals there too.

All in good time though my pretties. All in good time.

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