Monday, March 21, 2016

Half Marathon PR Right into Taper Town

FIRST SUB-1:40! Official Time: 1:39:42

Damn it feels good to log an "official" PR after my would-be PR from last year that had me running an extra half mile by accident! Funny enough though, this course came out a little bit short on my Garmin. So that part of the story remains consistent with me. Honestly, this probably should have been a about a 1:41 based on the pace I was pretty sure I was running the whole time (7:45-ish) but my official results say 1:39.42. Either way it's a PR and it feels SO GOOD going into taper for my marathon. With the exception of mile 12 (WOOF) I felt strong the whole time. Wow, I would love to just be a 1:3X half runner from now on because that would be pretty cool. We'll see how that goes...

I'm going with a two-week taper this time since I've noticed in my last few races I feel a little bit sluggish after a three week cut back. This time I logged one more 50 mile week- but all at a very easy pace coming off my race. Right now I just have one more workout to nail on Thursday- 12 miles with 6 at my goal marathon pace. Naturally, we're getting a spring snowstorm so I'm already planning on heading to the track so I can zone out and dial it in. Then it's vacation! Although I would have preferred Spring Break to be after my big race, I'm telling myself that this will take my mind off of things and I'll be able to taper well without obsessing about race day too much.

But I never obsess over these things right?

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